End To End Logistics Services

Customs Clearance

Facilitating import/export and transportation of goods with minimum costs


Inventory Controls. Packing / Palletizing, Quarantine, Cross Docking, Inspection

Break Bulk

Safe loading and discharging, we provide the most cost-efficient way to transport break bulk cargo.

Halal Logistics

Avoiding contamination of perishable goods. raw materials and food products during transportation

A Leading Provider of Logistics Services

Al Furqan Shipping and Logistics, is a Dubai based freight forwarding company handled by experienced and motivated personnel. Our services include freight, consolidation, Customs clearance, Warehousing, Trucking, Logistics and Distribution and project cargo forwarding services for all kind of commodities

Established in 2001. We are a trusted and reliable logistics provider operating in the UAE as well as internationally. We have extensive experience of domestic and international logistics operations. Our customers value our professionalism, work ethic and our competitive prices.

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Specializing in Halal Logistics

At Al Furqan Shipping and Logistics we understand the primary guiding principle for Halal Logistics is ensuring that products are transported and stored so as to avoid cross contamination with non-halal products while in transit to and from our customer’s locations. To manage this task, AFS has established a set of comprehensive guidelines and operating procedures designed especially for Halal products.

The halal logistics process is not only limited to transport but also includes the process of distribution, handling, packaging and storage. All Halal cargo will be separated from non-halal cargo during transportation and storage. Our experienced staff ensures that we follow all necessary procedures according to the Halal SOP to build our customers recognition and trust.

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