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With a rapid growth of global economy and consumers, halal industry has become the primary alternative for Muslims and non Muslim as well. Al Furqan Shipping is one of the pioneer certified Halal logistic company. We provide tracking of cargo handling through close monitoring control. The halal concept is not only limited to food but also includes the process of distribution up to handling, packaging and storage. All Halal cargo will be separated from non - Halal cargo during transportation of cargo. Our experienced and innovative staff will ensure that we follow all necessary procedures according to the Halal SOP to build our customers’ recognition and trust.

Al Furqan Shipping and Logistics understands that the primary guiding principle for Halal Logistics is ensuring that products are transported and stored so as to avoid contamination with non- Halal products while in transit to and from our customer’s locations. To manage this task, AFS has established a set of guidelines and operating procedures designed especially for Halal products;


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